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Chief Brian Dugan today announced the conclusion of the months-long internal
investigation that resulted in the termination of three officers (announced in
May) and discipline this week for a corporal and a sergeant who supervised
those officers.

As a result of the investigation, which began in September of 2018, three
officers were terminated and seven other officers received lesser discipline.
A related investigation into the officers’ supervisors resulted in a sergeant
being demoted to officer and a corporal receiving a written reprimand. In
addition, Chief Dugan revised policies regarding body-worn cameras and
clarifying the responsibility for writing reports. The Chief also held a
series of roll calls with all officers and supervisors to personally explain
what the investigation revealed, what changes were being made, and what his
expectations are.

“We have sent a clear message that we have an expectation of accountability
through all levels of the organization,” said Chief Dugan.

The offenses against the officers were all TPD policy violations.
Investigators found no evidence that officers improperly arrested or detained
suspects, nor that they planted evidence or violated the rights of suspects.
Generally, it was what the officers failed to do that resulted in the policy
violations and subsequent discipline.

Policy violations include not properly recording events via body worn camera,
improperly disposing of evidence, failing to submit required reports, use of
tobacco while on duty, and being discourteous to the public. The terminated
officers continue to contest their terminations.

The supervisors disciplined this week were found to have violated policies
related to their supervisory duties and responsibilities, specifically their
roles in enforcing department rules and policies. Edwin Bodamer has been
demoted from sergeant to master police officer. Corporal Eric Wilkinson
received a written reprimand.

Steve Hegarty
Tampa Police PIO

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