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Date: Fri Sep 13, 2019 16:32:48
From: Hernando County Sheriffs Office

Media Release
 Spring Hill

Date: September 13, 2019

On 09-12-19 shortly after 6 a.m., detectives with the Hernando County 
Sheriff's Office Vice and Narcotics Unit executed a search warrant in Spring Hill.

The execution of the search warrant was the culmination of a months-long 
investigation into possible drug activity at the house.

Detectives conducted a thorough search of the residence and located numerous 
types and amounts of illegal narcotics to include the following:

- Marijuana - 804.4 grams
- Cocaine - 45.7 grams
- Ecstasy - 46 pills/24.8 grams
- Fentanyl patches - 97.3 grams
- THC Vape cartridges - 210 cartridges
- Assorted pills - 77 pills
- LSD - 147 tabs
- THC edibles - 11 pounds
- Weapons - 4 (1 of which was stolen)
- Methamphetamine - 2.2 grams

Of the 11 people found inside the home, nine individuals were arrested. The 
individuals listed below were arrested on various drug charges. Due to the 
extensive number of charges, we have provided a link to each person's booking 
information that includes details pertaining to each of their charges.

Tevis Mitchell W/M DOB/02-10-1998
Bond: $332,000


Chase Mitchell W/M/ DOB/07-16-1999
Bond: $203,000


Alexis Lent W/F DOB/12-03-2000
Bond: $91,000


Scott Mitchell W/M DOB/10-11-1972
Bond: $76,000


Scott DeVault W/M DOB/04-19-1993
Bond: $61,000


Christopher Mabry W/M/ DOB/06-21-1998
Bond: $61,000


Hanna Kennedy W/F DOB/10-26-2000
Bond: $61,000


Ashley Hunt W/F DOB/03-09-2001
Bond: $61,000


W/F (Juvenile)
Drug Equipment-Possess, and or use 
Drugs-Traffic, in Controlled Substance 
Drugs-Traffic, in Controlled Substance 
Marijuana-Possess, Possess Marijuana over 20 grams 
Drugs-Traffic, in Controlled Substance 
Drugs-Possess, Controlled Substance without Prescription 
Drugs-Possess, Controlled Substance without Prescription
Bond: Released to Parent per Department of Juvenile Justice

The investigation continues and additional charges are possible. 

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