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OK so this is just a little follow up we did a little looking and it looks like there is over 1300 employees inside of the Tampa Police Department that is 1000 officers sworn officers and 350 civilian employees that work there now that’s just in the city of Tampa now the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department also is over on Tampa Bay too. Now the picture that you’re looking at here is from Tom brady’s house that he’s renting from Derek Jeter and we already know that he has been given some leeway when he was playing in the park when everybody else was locked in their houses and not allowed to go and was not ticketed he was just given you know just go home Tom, so now they’ve got the police boat parked out in back of his house so that people can’t be around near his house in the public waterways of Tampa Bay. So I just wanted to give everybody just some thoughts on this. I have these thoughts on it, I think you know with 1300 employees and then to park a boat behind a private citizen’s house like this I don’t think we need more TP D let us know down in the comments would you think and we will talk to you all soon thanks a lot.

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