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We will start looking over all this information in the arrest reports soon, and update you with who and what happened.

From: St Petersburg Police Department

Demonstration Summary

Police arrest 23 people and confiscate a backpack full of "Mortars"(photo 

Tuesday, June 2, about 300 demonstrators walked through St. Petersburg from 2 
p.m. until close to midnight. During the walks the group took over major 
intersections and halted traffic for several minutes and police allowed them 
to continue because they were peaceful.

However later in the evening, police became aware that there were large 
incendiaries being set-off by some of the demonstrators as they were walking. 
This was a concern because there was no way to know what kind of devices they 
were setting-off.
For this reason, at 11:48 p.m., when the crowd returned to the front of Police 
Headquarters, police made a public announcement that this was an unlawful 
assembly and the crowd needed to leave the area for the safety of the people 
gathered and the police officers.

After two minutes, police launched smoke bombs.  Several protesters threw 
large fireworks (mortars) back towards the building.

Police and deputies arrested a total of 23 people who refused to leave.One of 
the arrested had a backpack full of large fireworks. Photo Attached.

Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies assisted with this operation.

Report 2020-020355

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