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WHEN: 11/06/2020, 12:17 a.m.

Randy Barnwell, 53 years old
Hire date: 2002
Unit: Traffic unit

Officer Randy Barnwell was arrested on a domestic violence charge by the
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on 11/06/2020.
He’s been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

We will have all reports and body cam asap and will be on youtube

This is a link to the booking info on the case https://webapps.hcso.tampa.fl.us/ArrestInquiry/Home/ViewArrest?id=2020-25158&k1=8d882a36ba3225e&k2=Z2FQbU5QYjN0R0t6RjRETkJybnl1VnJsZjFXTDF6V3krVnJRUXd0aGdxYW9aN1Z3REVuVnNwYktsT0xoRU5NRk8vbHlxWit2cVhnbGtmNnFqMHR4OGloTlZNalhxdGtu

Its funny how there is no booking photo from him here.


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